Research Presentations

Podium Presentations (Paper Fully Accepted)

Burt, Thomas (proxy) (contact); Brown, Timothy; Schmitt, Rose; McGehee, Daniel; Milavetz, Gary; Gaffney, Gary; Berka, Chris Perceived Effects of Cannabis and Changes in Driving Performance under the Influence of Cannabis
Hill, Linda (proxy) (contact); Baird, Sara; Torres, Katy; Obrochta, Chelsea; Jain, Purva A Survey of Distracted Driving and Electronic Device Use Among App-Based and Taxi Drivers

Podium Presentations (Paper in Revisions)

Hartka, Thomas (proxy) (contact); McMurry, Tim; Weaver, Ashley; Vaca, Federico Development of a concise injury prediction model for pediatric patients involved in an MVC
Kunitomi, Shouhei (proxy) (contact); Takayama, Shinichi Effect of Pedestrian Physique Differences on Head Injury Prediction in Car-to-pedestrian Accidents Using Deep Learning
Lucci, Cosimo (proxy) (contact); Allen, Trevor; Pierini, Marco; Savino, Giovanni Motorcycle Autonomous Emergency Braking (MAEB) employed as enhanced braking: estimating the potential for injury reduction using real-world crash modeling
Fell, James (proxy) (contact); Scolese, Jennifer The Effectiveness of Alcohol Monitoring as a Treatment for Driving-While-Intoxicated (DWI) Offenders: A Literature Review and Synthesis
Tanczos, Rachel (proxy) (contact); Shimada, Sean Brain Injury Severity Due to Direct Head Contact From Near-Side Motor Vehicle Collisions
Mansfield, Julie (proxy) (contact); Bolte, John; Baker, Gretchen; Ramachandra, Rakshit Evaluation of LATCH vs. non-LATCH installations for boosters in frontal impacts
Baker, Gretchen (proxy) (contact); Mansfield, Julie; Hunter, Randee; Bolte, John Evaluation of static belt fit and belt torso contact for children on belt-positioning booster seats
Gao, Xiang (proxy) (contact); Vaca, Federico; Haynie, Denise; Simons-Morton, Bruce; Li, Kaigang Trajectories of Risky Driving Among Emerging Adults with Their Mental and Psychosomatic Health Predictors in the 12th Grade
Gayzik, F (proxy) (contact); Decker, William; Jones, Derek; Devane, Karan; Hsu, Fang-Chi; Davis, Matthew; Patalak, John Effect of Body Size and Enhanced Helmet Systems on Risk for Motorsport Drivers
Seacrist, Thomas (proxy) (contact); Maheshwari, Jalaj; Sarfare, Shreyas; Chingas, Gregory; Thirkill, Maya; Loeb, Helen In-Depth Analysis of Crash Contributing Factors and Potential ADAS Interventions Among Risky Drivers Using the SHRP 2 Naturalistic Driving Study
Bohman, Katarina (proxy) (contact); Fågelberg, Emil; Jakobsson, Lotta INVESTIGATING SLOUCHING IN FRONTAL IMPACTS USING AN HBM IN THE REAR SEAT
Klinich, Kathleen (proxy) (contact); Leslie, Andrew; Hariya, Sumie; Flannagan, Carol; Reed, Matthew; Hallman, Jason US Vehicle Occupancy Trends Relevant to Future Automated Vehicles and Mobility Services
ospina-mateus, Holman (proxy) (contact); Quintana Jimenez, Leonardo; Lopez-Valdes, Francisco The Rider Behaviour Questionnaire as a Predictor of Motorcycle Taxi Crashes in Cartagena (Colombia)
Tushak, Sophia (proxy) (contact); Gepner, Bronislaw; Forman, Jason; Hallman, Jason; Pipkorn, Bengt; Kerrigan, Jason Injury Risk Function for the Lumbar Spine in Combined Compression and Flexion
Haus, Samantha (proxy) (contact); Sherony, Rini; Gabler, Clay Differential Benefit of LiDAR and Current Sensor Systems in Pedestrian Automated Emergency Braking Systems
Humm, John (proxy) (contact); Yoganandan, Narayan; Banerjee, Anjishnu Deflection-based parametric survival analysis side-impact chest injury risk curves AIS 2015
Unger, Arianna (proxy) (contact); Winston, Flaura; Ruggieri, Dominique Understanding clinician strategies for assessing driving fitness: An initiative to improve provider-patient discussions about safe driving
Graci, Valentina (proxy) (contact); Maltenfort, Mitchell; Schneider, Mikayla; Griffith, Madeline; Seacrist, Thomas; Arbogast, Kristy Quantitative characterization of AEB pulses across the modern fleet.
Maheshwari, Jalaj (proxy) (contact); Griffith, Madeline Rear-Seated Pediatric Occupant Head Kinematics and Kinetics in Small Overlap Frontal Crashes: Restraint Characteristics and Occupant Interaction
McMurry, Timothy (proxy) (contact); Cormier, Joseph; Daniel, Tom; Scanlon, John; Crandall, Jeff A Holistic Assessment of Injury Risk in Planar Crashes with Application for Autonomous Vehicles
Sartin, Emma (proxy) (contact); Metzger, Kristina; Pfeiffer, Melissa; Myers, Rachel; Curry, Allison Facilitating research on racial and ethnic disparities and inequities in transportation: Application and evaluation of the Bayesian Improved Surname Geocoding (BISG) algorithm

Podium Presentations (Paper in Revisions)

Short Communication Presentations

Deepa A Camenga Simulated and Self-Reported Driving among Young adults with and without Prenatal Cocaine Exposure
Dave Fortenbaugh A Methodology for Assessing Driver Perception-Response Time during Unanticipated Cross-Centerline Events
Maria Gonzalez-Garcia Potential Effect of Pre-Activated Muscles under a Far-Side Lateral Impact
Dale Halloway Belt-induced Abdominal Injuries in recent frontal-impact CIREN Cases
Hans Hauschild Delta-v slope as an indicator of injury
John Humm Sagittal plane moment responses of the THOR-05F Anthropomorphic test device
John Humm Application of complex neck loads to human spine at the occipital condyle joint: Implications for non-standard postures for automated vehicles
Dennis Maiman Importance of Neural Foraminal Narrowing in Lumbar Spine Fractures of Low AIS Severity
Benjamin McManus The Effect of Prior Night Sleep on Simulated Driving Performance in Medical Residents
Sylvia Schick Subcutaneous adipose tissue thickness around the ASIS area for Human Body Models in reclined positions
Sydney Schieffer The Relationship of Body Mass Index, Belt Placement, and Abdominopelvic Injuries in Motor Vehicle Crashes: A Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN) Study
Sonja Schneider Complementing femur model validation with a variability-focused approach
Mark Sochor Utilization of AIS codes in national automotive injury datasets
Despina Stavrinos Developmental Trajectories of Driving Attention in Adolescents: Preliminary Findings from REACT
Claudio Terranova Nicotine use as a predictor of male DUI recidivism
Ankit Kumar Yadav Are you willing to drink and drive? An investigation in Indian scenario using an extended prototype willingness model
Narayan Yoganandan Normalized vertebral-level specific range of motion corridors for female spines in rear impact

Poster Presentations

Presenter Abstract Title
Barbara Banz A Preliminary Evaluation of the Relationships between Patterns of Drinking Initiation and Driving Simulation Vehicle Control Among Sober Young Adults
Timothy Brown Cannabis Use and Reported Effects on Driving Among Adults in Iowa
Esther Choo Cannabis Presentations to the Emergency Department after MVC in the Era of Legalization for Recreational Use
Lauren Eichaker Patterns of Pedestrian and Automotive Crashes Within the State of Florida 2015 – 2020
Federico Vaca A Qualitative Assessment of Individual and Social-Environmental Factors Informing Decisions to Ride with an Impaired Driver and Drive While Impaired
Jose Vilchez Comparison of the mental representation of traffic signs in Ecuador

Student Symposium Presentations 

Rahul Akkem The Effect of Obstacle Type on Automated Emergency Braking Acceleration
Morgan Dean Evaluation of Roadside Crash Injury Metrics in Side Crashes Using Event Data Recorder Data
Florence Dwyer Comparative Analysis of E-Scooter and Bicycle Rider Injuries in North Carolina: 2018-2019
Moheem Halari Fatal Motor Vehicle-Pediatric Pedestrian Collisions: Does “Waddell’s Triad” apply?
Shubham Kulkarni Thoracic Injury Risk Functions for Finite Element Human Body Models
Mitesh Lalwala Modular Incorporation of Deformable Spine and 3D Neck Musculature into a Simplified Human Body FE Model
Jung Ju Lee Comparison of Characteristics of Children and Adolescents Who Visited the Emergency Room with the Address of a Traffic Accident
Sayak Mukherjee Generating Biofidelic Arm Motion Using Reinforcement Learning
Ryan Norton Detecting the Presence of THC-COOH in Saliva Using Molecular Fingerprinting
Colin Smith Methodology for the Identification of Pedal Misapplication using Event Data Recorders
Manuel Valdano Assessment of regression methods for the obtention of injury risk metamodels in frontal impacts using human body models
Claudia Vázquez Sanz Pilot Study: The Change of Mechanical Properties and Composition of Bone Tissue with Development