12 – 16 October 2020

Live Online!

Presenter Information

Video recordings of all Student Symposium, Full Paper, Short Communication, and Posters are due Friday, September 25th. Click for details.
All presenters must be registered for the conference by September 30th. Register here

Presenter FAQ

What will happen to the video recordings after I submit them to AAAM?

The intention of the recordings is to ensure that the online sessions transition smoothly ensuring constant content without any interruptions (internet issues, audio/video challenges). The recordings will be deleted after presentation at the end of each conference day.

Poster video recordings will be posted to the Conference Website and will be able to be viewed, not downloaded, by conference registrants throughout the week of the conference.

How will presentations be shown to the audience?

The entire conference is being conducted via Zoom and the full paper and short communication recordings will be played via Zoom. These sessions will not be recorded, and the individual recordings will not available to anyone other than AAAM staff. Staff will have the sole responsibility for playing the video recordings for attendees via Zoom during conference week. AAAM Moderators will be responsible for introductions of presentations, to monitor the chat during presentations, and facilitate the Q&A sessions.

Example: AAAM staff will play video for Full Paper presentation #1. Video runs for 11 minutes. After video ends, moderator will facilitate a LIVE 3-minute Q&A session with the author(s) and then will introduce the next presentation while staff prepares the video for attendees to view.

After the “presentation time slot” for each presenter, will the videos be somehow posted or shared for others to see? 

Videos for full papers and short communications will not be posted online for anyone to see. The only time it will be accessible to attendees is during the LIVE conference at the scheduled time and day for the presentation. Poster presentation videos are the exception to this and will only be available to view (not download) during conference week and will be deleted at the conclusion of the conference.

Who will have access to view conference presentations?

Only conference registrants will be able to attend the Zoom sessions to see the presentations. AAAM members and/or non-conference registrants will not be able to attend the Zoom Sessions. Full paper, short communication, poster, and student symposium presentations will not be available after the conference.

Can attendees record presentations?

While there is always a chance that a viewer can take a picture (during an in-person conference) or take a screenshot during a virtual event – we discourage both these practices. The moderators will address this verbally at the beginning of each session and it is mentioned in the Attendee Code of Conduct. This will be made available to attendees in advance of the conference.

Are you requesting copyright information with regard to the presentations?

AAAM will be deleting the recordings and the sessions will not be available after the conference. Copyright will not be an issue. Should an author choose to share the content with others, after the event they are free to do so. In this way, these presentations are quite similar to any conference presentation and therefore AAAM is not requesting copyright permission.