12 – 16 October 2020

Live Online!

Zoom Instructions for Presenters

How to Record a talk using Zoom

Zoom provides an easy way to record your presentation. AAAM requires a final video presentation that displays your slide presentation in the main (large) screen with a smaller box in the corner that will show you giving your presentation. Please make sure to record your presentation with your video camera activated. It will be important for the attendees to see you give your presentation.

Following the instructions below will create a video that shows your slides complete with a small video box in the corner showing you as you talk. 

Zoom’s website has a lot of helpful instructions for either recording and saving on your local computer (https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362473-Local-Recording). It is not necessary for you to purchase Zoom. A free Zoom account will allow you to record and save on your local computer. Please contact cmiglio@aaam.org if you wish you use another platform to record your video or if you have questions.

How to record:

1) Log into your Zoom account. Go to Settings and select the tab that relates to Recording. Make sure Recording is enabled. Depending on your account you may enable local recording (which will allow your video to be saved to your computer).

2) Start a meeting with your Personal Meeting Room. You will see a “Record” button on your Zoom screen. Do not start it yet!

3) Make sure your video is on!

4) Go back into Zoom, click “Share Screen” and select your presentation (do not select Desktop, but just PowerPoint, Adobe, or other program you are using to display your presentation). You should see a little notification “You are screen sharing”.

5) Go back to your presentation and get it to full screen, as though you were giving your presentation to an actual audience. You should also see a little box in the corner showing you as the active speaker. Try to ignore it from here on.

6) There should be a Zoom panel somewhere at the edge of your screen. Hover your mouse over it and you will see more options. Select “Record” and then give your presentation. When you are finished, hover over the Zoom panel and click “Stop Recording”. It will then tell you that it is going to save either to your local machine or the cloud, depending on your setup.

7) Now click “Stop Screen Share” and close your Zoom session. This step is important since it triggers Zoom to create the file with your video and send you the link.

8) Please upload your video to the AAAM appropriate Drop Box:
Student Symposium: https://www.dropbox.com/request/gzHvX7hP9jh3h6TlaQeB
Full Paper: https://www.dropbox.com/request/b52LxyDzsrYFSMRVyuJU
Short Communication: https://www.dropbox.com/request/gPMKSA6tSkxZvDuT2djV
Poster: https://www.dropbox.com/request/C8bcEawMDDXwtDNTzGay

Presenter Tips

  • Where to set up? You need a quiet space, away from interruptions (people, pets), ideally with good natural lighting.
  • Background – it should not be bright (do NOT sit with a window behind you), and not distracting.  Best not to sit against a wall either – that’s just boring!  Virtual backgrounds can help if you can’t find the right space.
  • Where’s the camera?  It should be at eye-level (or ideally, slightly higher and facing slightly downwards).  If using a laptop webcam, you could try sitting the laptop on a big pot or box.
  • Lighting – your face needs to be lit, and brighter than the background, so people can see it. During daylight hours you could face a window. Otherwise try a lamp.
  • Look at the camera. It can be hard to avoid watching yourself, but please try.
  • You need good audio – headphones with mic produce better quality sound than a laptop mic. A Bluetooth mic would be better yet.
  • Make sure your internet connection is strong. Ethernet cables are strongly preferred.
  • Please use a watch or timer so you can be aware of time.
  • It may feel different to present and not being able to see your audience – that’s ok! Make sure to over present to make sure you are engaging to the virtual audience.
  • Before your talk starts, ensure all your notifications are on silent.
  • That’s it! You’ll do great. Thank you for recording your presentation for AAAM.