2020/21 Schedule & Registration

Below is the current schedule for AIS online and onsite training courses. All courses are $750.00 unless otherwise noted.
Note: The AAAM/AIS office is open Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST.

Registration FAQs

How do I register for a course?

Complete the registration process and submit payment by the course registration deadline to secure a spot in the course. Registration is not guaranteed until payment is received.

How should I pay for my course?

AAAM accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards for all AIS courses. We recommend this as the fastest and easiest method of payment, as our courses fill to capacity quickly.

What if I need to pay by check?

Step 1: Please complete the AIS Course Registration Form and submit to the AAAM office with a check made payable to AAAM. Note: please download and save the form before completing or your information will not be saved.

Step 2: Create a profile on the AAAM website so we can complete your registration.

  1. Click “LOGIN” in the top left-hand corner of the AAAM website
  2. Scroll down and click on the green “Create Your Customer Account” button
  3. Follow the directions and fill in all required information

Where will my course materials be delivered?

Your materials will be shipped to the address you use to create your AAAM profile. Please note – AAAM cannot ship to PO Box addresses. Please provide a valid shipping address to receive the course materials in a timely manner. Please include company name & department if applicable.

When will I receive my course materials?

Your course materials will be shipped 1 – 2 weeks in advance of your course date.

What is AAAM’s cancellation policy?

AAAM does not issue refunds for any of its courses. Students who cancel 30+ days before the beginning of the course can either:

  1. Transfer their registration to another student or
  2. Transfer their registration to another AAAM hosted course taking place within 6 months of the original course date.

Students who cancel with less than 30 days until the beginning of the course can transfer their registration to another student but will be assessed a $100.00 processing fee.

AAAM will not accept any cancellations, transfers, or substitutions 7 days prior to the beginning of the course or after the course has begun. 

Have additional questions we didn’t answer here? Feel free to email info@aaam.org!

Register for your AIS Online or Onsite Courses Here

AIS Course Schedule  | Course fee – $750 per student (unless otherwise noted)

AAAM is currently scheduling onsite classes for 2020. Please contact us if you would like to arrange for a course to be taught at your facility. A minimum of 15 students is required for onsite courses. Click on course listing below for additional information on specific courses.

February 2021

Tue09Feb(Feb 9)1:30 p.m.Thu11(Feb 11)4:30 p.m.AIS15 UPDATE Virtual Live Course - FebruaryAIS15:AIS15 UPDATE Virtual Live

Tue23Feb(Feb 23)12:00 p.m.Fri26(Feb 26)4:00 p.m.AIS15 VIRTUAL LIVE COURSE - FebruaryAIS15:AIS15 Virtual Live

March 2021

Thu04Mar(Mar 4)1:00 p.m.Mon29(Mar 29)3:00 p.m.AIS08 Online Course - March DaytimeAIS08:AIS08 Online Course

Thu04Mar(Mar 4)7:00 p.m.Mon29(Mar 29)9:00 p.m.AIS15 Online Course - March EveningAIS15:AIS15 Online Course

Tue16Mar(Mar 16)1:30 p.m.Thu18(Mar 18)4:30 p.m.AIS15 UPDATE Virtual Live Course - MarchAIS15:AIS15 UPDATE Virtual Live

Tue23Mar(Mar 23)12:00 p.m.Fri26(Mar 26)4:00 p.m.AIS15 VIRTUAL LIVE COURSE - MarchAIS15:AIS15 Virtual Live

April 2021

Thu01Apr1:00 p.m.Mon26(Apr 26)3:00 p.m.AIS15 Online Course - April DaytimeAIS15:AIS15 Online Course

Thu01Apr7:00 p.m.Mon26(Apr 26)9:00 p.m.AIS08 Online Course - April EveningAIS08:AIS08 Online Course

Tue06Apr(Apr 6)1:30 p.m.Thu08(Apr 8)4:30 p.m.AIS15 UPDATE Virtual Live Course - AprilAIS15:AIS15 UPDATE Virtual Live

Tue20Apr(Apr 20)12:00 p.m.Fri23(Apr 23)4:00 p.m.AIS15 VIRTUAL LIVE COURSE - AprilAIS15:AIS15 Virtual Live

May 2021

Mon03May(May 3)1:00 p.m.Thu27(May 27)3:00 p.m.AIS08 Online Course - May DaytimeAIS08:AIS08 Online Course

Mon03May(May 3)7:00 p.m.Thu27(May 27)9:00 p.m.AIS15 Online Course - May EveningAIS15:AIS15 Online Course

Tue11May(May 11)1:30 p.m.Thu13(May 13)4:30 p.m.AIS15 UPDATE Virtual Live Course - MayAIS15:AIS15 UPDATE Virtual Live

Tue18May(May 18)12:00 p.m.Fri21(May 21)4:00 p.m.AIS15 VIRTUAL LIVE COURSE - MayAIS15:AIS15 Virtual Live

June 2021

Thu03Jun(Jun 3)1:00 p.m.Mon28(Jun 28)3:00 p.m.AIS15 Online Course - June DaytimeAIS15:AIS15 Online Course

Thu03Jun(Jun 3)7:00 p.m.Mon28(Jun 28)9:00 p.m.AIS08 Online Course - June EveningAIS08:AIS08 Online Course

Tue08Jun(Jun 8)1:30 p.m.Thu10(Jun 10)4:30 p.m.AIS15 UPDATE Virtual Live Course - JuneAIS15:AIS15 UPDATE Virtual Live

Tue22Jun(Jun 22)12:00 p.m.Fri25(Jun 25)4:00 p.m.AIS15 VIRTUAL LIVE COURSE - JuneAIS15:AIS15 Virtual Live