Fellow Nominations

Call for Fellows is now open. The deadline for submissions is June 16, 2023. Download the application and view the instructions below to complete a nomination.

Nomination for Fellow status may be made in one of three ways:

  1. Any member of the Fellow Review Committee may nominate a AAAM member who meets the prerequisites for Fellow status.
  2. Any five AAAM members who have been members in good standing for at least five years may nominate any other AAAM member who meets the prerequisites and who they personally know. Nomination shall be in letter form describing the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions. In either of these forms of nomination, the nominee may be requested to submit a summary of academic achievements and professional contributions (in a format established for this purpose) to assist the Committee in its deliberations.
  3. Any member may request and voluntarily submit an application for Fellow status. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide all the appropriate information, although the Committee may initiate its own inquiry. A completed application for Fellow status must also include five letters of recommendation from AAAM members in good standing for at least five years. The letters of recommendation should describe the applicant’s contributions to the field of automotive medicine, and specifically to the AAAM. Letters should also include any other comments bearing specifically on Fellow status. By applying for Fellow status, the applicant is agreeing to cooperate with all requests of the Committee relative to its review of the application.  Further, an applicant must demonstrate professional integrity based on information available to or sought by the Fellow Review Committee.


Nominations are reviewed at least once a year. Completed applications may be submitted to the Fellow Review Committee (FRC) electronically to info@aaam.org, subject line: Fellow Nomination.  

An interview (in person or by telephone), by at least two members of the FRC, may be conducted of a nominee. The findings of this interview become part of the review process.

The FRC makes its recommendation concerning granting Fellow status to the Board of Directors. The Board takes the final action to approve, not approve or postpone Fellow status based upon the FRC’s conclusions and recommendations. Decisions by the Committee and the recommendations to the Board regarding the awarding of Fellow status will be by consensus. Board action is by majority vote of all the Directors.

Nominees are notified by letter of the Board’s action. Fellowship is bestowed once a year during the AAAM’s annual conference. The nomination and review process for Fellow status is a confidential matter between the nominee and those involved in the evaluation process.