AAAM announced the new revision of its Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS©) coding system. AIS© is the gold standard for traumatic injury classification and severity scaling.  This newest revision improves brain injury coding, spinal cord impairment coding and enhances many code definitions by incorporating current and appropriate medical terminology.  Clearer and expanded coding rules encourage improved interrater reliability to support an improved tool for both medical coders and researchers.

“AAAM applauds the incredible work of the AIS committee, made up of physicians, nurses, engineers, researchers, certified AIS coders and AIS trainers,” said Gary Smith, MD, DrPH, president, AAAM. “Their significant contribution to the new content in this release has resulted in enhancements to tables, codes, guidelines and rules – most significantly in the head and spine chapters.”

AIS 2015 content was derived from expert consensus and analysis of trauma data including injury diagnostics, classifications and feedback from field use of AIS 2005 / Update 2008. 140 new AIS codes were created, many to improve the classification of high-energy military-type blast and penetrating injury.  Nearly 400 codes underwent definition update, the severity level was updated on more than 40 codes, and more than 140 AIS 2005 Update 2008 codes were deleted for AIS 2015.  For version compatibility, AIS 2015 includes both forward and backward maps for the purpose of translating previously coded data between AIS 2005 Update 2008 and AIS 2015.

AIS 2015 training programs are currently being offered by AAAM to familiarize users with the new version.  Students who have recently taken the AIS 2005 Update 2008 course may qualify to take an AIS 2015 special course that focuses on the major updates.  This short course as well as AIS 2005 Update 2008 training will be offered beginning in calendar year 2017. For more information about AIS, courses and dictionaries click here.