Meeting the criteria for membership

In order to be qualified as a full member of the Association, applicants must satisfy the following set of criteria. Individuals who do not currently meet all of the criteria may become Associate Members. Such individuals, who subsequently meet the criteria through additional academic qualifications, work experience and/or contributions to traffic safety and injury prevention, may apply to have their membership status upgraded. Applicants for the category of Member of the Association must have an appropriate level of academic training and/or practical experience by:
(1) holding a doctoral degree (MD or Ph.D. in a relevant discipline)
(2) having a combined total of 8 years of post-secondary academic training (undergraduate and post-graduate studies) and/or relevant practical experience in some aspect of traffic safety or injury prevention,
having demonstrated a contribution to the aims of the Association in relation to scientific or educational advancements in the field of traffic safety and injury prevention through:
  • having published a relevant peer-reviewed paper
  • having achieved a total of three* of any of the following:
     (a) participation in an AAAM conference or workshop;
     (b) serving for one year on an AAAM committee or an equivalent committee of another traffic safety organization;
     (c) one year’s activity in promoting safety through education, policy development, or some similar mechanism;
     (d) publication of a relevant non-peer-reviewed technical paper
* Multiples of items from (a) through (d) are acceptable, e.g. attending two AAAM conferences and publishing one technical paper; publishing three technical papers; serving for four years on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals, etc.