Committee Chair Qualifications and Details

Thank you for your interest in serving as Chair of one of AAAM’s committees or special interest groups. Please review the following details before applying.


Chairs each have a three-year term, and can serve an unlimited number of terms, but can serve no more than two consecutive terms. Terms begin and end at the Annual Business Meeting during the annual conference.


All committee Chairs or Vice-Chairs must have served or currently be serving on the committee for a minimum of one year before becoming a Chair or Vice-Chair unless a new committee is established.


  • Manage and facilitate committee tasks per the direction of the Board of Directors
  • Create subcommittees among committee members, when appropriate, and appoint Subcommittee Chairs for one-year terms
  • Act as a AAAM liaison to other organizations when appropriate
  • Facilitate communication among committee members
  • Maintain close working relationships with other appropriate AAAM committees and staff members assigned to the committee
  • Add members to vacancies on AAAM committees
  • Develop an agenda for all meetings of the Committee based on AAAM’s Strategic Plan
  • Submit written reports on committee actions and recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • Maintain meeting minutes for the committees and subcommittees
  • Make an oral or written report to Board if asked
  • Conduct regular meetings of the committee (at least two per year)
  • Keep all committee members informed of all meetings and committee reports
  • Follow the AAAM Bylaws and Policies and Procedures
  • Act as a AAAM liaison with other organizations when appropriate
  • Ensure that policies and procedures of their specific committee are reviewed and updated regularly


AAAM members in good standing who have served on the committee for at least one year (past or present service included) may serve as Chairperson. A call for volunteers will be sent to all members for open Chair positions. The President makes a recommendation for committee Chair and Vice-Chair appointments with input and feedback from the outgoing committee Chair (when appointing Vice-Chairs). Chair recommendations will be voted on by the Board before the Annual Conference prior to the start of their service as Chair.