AAAM Awards

The following awards are presented each year at the Annual Scientific Conference honoring the many achievements and service in the automotive medicine field.

Award of Merit

Given to an outstanding individual who has made significant scientific contributions to an aspect of automotive medicine over many years or for a single outstanding contribution. The Nominations and Awards Committee evaluates and recommends candidates to the Board.

A.J. Mirkin Service Award

Given to an AAAM member who had made continuous service contributions through committee, faculty and project involvement. The Nominations and Awards Committee evaluates and recommends candidates to the Board.

Donald F. Huelke Lifetime Membership Awards

This award is to recognize, honor, and acknowledge an individual who has made outstanding contributions and provided repeated volunteer services to the AAAM organization by maintaining membership for over 15 years, having served on committees or as an officer of the Board, organized seminars (or served as faculty) or symposia, recruited ten or more new members of AAAM, contributed to the endowment fund, and received another AAAM award.

Elaine Wodzin Young Achiever Award

Named for Elaine Wodzin, a long-serving executive director of AAAM, who had the innate ability to recognize the future of the organization through the efforts of young professionals.  The award is given to a younger (<45 years) member of AAAM for a singular specific achievement in automotive medicine or other contributions to the field of traffic injury control.  The achievement could be (but not limited to) the publication of a seminal research work, practical implementation of an injury control concept, or promotion of an element of public injury control policy.


The status of AAAM Fellow has been established to recognize significant and sustained contributions of individual members and thereby to promote the academic, scientific and professional credibility of traffic crash injury prevention and control and impact biomechanics. The AAAM admits to Fellowship those members whose professional and allied activities are devoted to one or more fields related to automotive medicine, including medicine, trauma surgery, biomechanics, engineering, nursing, public health, education, human behavior, law, public policy and road safety.  To be considered for Fellow status, an applicant must be an AAAM member for at least five years, and must show evidence of continuing interest in the purpose and aims of the Association.

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