AAAM Fellows

The status of AAAM Fellow was established in 1992 to recognize significant and sustained contributions of individual members and thereby to promote the academic, scientific and professional credibility of traffic crash injury prevention and control and impact biomechanics. The AAAM admits to Fellowship those members whose professional and allied activities are devoted to one or more fields related to automotive medicine, including medicine, trauma surgery, biomechanics, engineering, nursing, public health, education, human behavior, law, public policy and road safety.  To be considered for Fellow status, an applicant must be an AAAM member for at least five years, and must show evidence of continuing interest in the purpose and aims of the Association.

The following is a list of the current AAAM Fellows.

Phyllis Agran, MD, MPH
Kristy Arbogast, PhD, MSE
Mark Arndt, BSME
Susan Baker, MPH
James Benedict, MD, PhD
Marilyn Bull Bruins, MD
Andrew Burgess, MD
Dominique Cesari, PhD
Mary Chipman, MA
Ian Civil, MBChB
Jeff Crandall, PhD
Brad Cushing, MD
Patricia Dischinger, PhD
Jamie Dow, MBA, MD
Stefan Duma, PhD
Leonard Evans, Dphil
James Fell, MS
Brian Fildes, PhD
Michael Finkelstein, MA *Deceased
Richard Frampton, PhD
H. Clay Gabler, PhD *Deceased
Thomas Gennarelli, MD
Robert Green, MD, LL B
Michael Henderson, MD
Alexander Hering, MD *Deceased
Paul Hletko, MD
Timothy Hoyt, MS
Donald Huelke, PhD *Deceased
Richard Kent, PhD
Sjaan Koppel, PhD
Elaine Mackay
Murray Mackay, DSc
Ellen MacKenzie, PhD
Ricardo Martinez, MD
Kimball Maull, MD
Anne McCartt, PhD* Deceased
Mary Pat McKay, MD, MPH
Norman McSwain, MD *Deceased
Uwe Meissner, MS
Ted Miller, PhD
Charles Mock, MD, PhD
Edward Moffatt, PhD
Jocelyn Pedder, PhD
Frank Pintar, PhD
Donald Reed, MBA
Donald Reinfurt, PhD
G. Anthony Ryan, MD, MPH
Maria Segui-Gomez, MD, MPH
Harry Smith, MD, PhD
Gary Smith, MD, DrPH
Carl Soderstrom, MD
John Treat, JD, BSME
Federico Vaca, MD, MPH
David Viano, PhD
Julian Waller, MD, MPH
Narayan Yoganandan, PhD
Joel D. Stitzel, PhD