Past Award Winners

Congratulations to the many outstanding AAAM Award Winners.


Award of Merit

Given to an outstanding individual who has made significant scientific contributions to an aspect of automotive medicine over many years or for a single outstanding contribution. The Nominations and Awards Committee evaluates and recommends candidates to the Board.

1971 Horace Campbell, MD*
1972 Col. John P. Stapp, MD*
1973 Herman Heise, MD*
1973 Amos Neyhart, PhD
1974 Lawrence Patrick, PhD
1975 Hugh DeHaven*
1975 William Haddon, MD*
1976 John D. States, MD*
1976 Kenneth A. Stonex*
1977 George G. Snively, MD*
1977 Basil Y. Scott, PhD
1978 B.J. Campbell, PhD
1979 J.D. Farrington, MD*
1980 James A. Bancroft*
1981 A.J. Mirkin, MD*
1981 Gordon W. Trinca, MD*
1982 Donald F. Huelke, PhD*
1983 Murray Mackay, DSc
1984 Senator Norman Levy
1984 Assemblyman Vincent Graber
1985 Susan P. Baker, MPH
1986 John C. Lane, MD, MPH*
1987 Claude Tarriere, MD
1988 Robert F. Borkenstein, DSc,LLD*
1989 Michael Finkelstein, MS*
1990 Thomas A. Gennarelli, MD
1991 Dinesh Mohan, PhD*
1992 C. Everett Koop, MD, ScD*
1993 Herb M. Simpson, PhD
1994 Julian Waller, PhD
1995 Lawrence E. Thibault, ScD*
1996 Leonard Evans, Dphil
1997 Jeanne Breen
1998 Brian O’Neill
1999 Bertil Aldman, MD* posthumously
2000 Ellen J. MacKenzie, PhD
2001 Elaine Wodzin
2002 Alan M. Nahum, MD, FACS
2003 Rolf Eppinger, PhD
2004 Albert I. King, PhD
2005 Phyllis F. Agran, MD
2006 Priya Prasad, PhD
2007 Brian N. Fildes, PhD
2008 Joseph N. Kanianthra, PhD
2009 Narayan Yoganandan, PhD
2010 Jeff R. Crandall, PhD
2011 Stephen W. Rouhana, PhD
2012 Frank A. Pintar, PhD
2013 Richard W. Kent, PhD
2014 Claes Tingvall
2015 Maria Segui Gomez, MD, ScD
2016 Koshiro Ono, PhD
2017 Ted Miller, PhD
2018 H. Clay Gabler, PhD
2019 James C. Fell, MS
2020 Jeya Padmanaban, MS
2021 Gary Smith, MD, DrPH
2022 Joel Stitzel, PhD
2023 Kristy Arbogast, PhD, MSE

A.J. Mirkin Service Award

Given to an AAAM member who had made continuous service contributions through committee, faculty, and project involvement. The Nominations and Awards Committee evaluates and recommends candidates to the Board.

1980 Donald F. Huelke, PhD*
1980 James L. Weygandt, MD*
1982 Richard C. Schultz, MD
1983 Lee N. Hames*
1984 Edward Moffatt, PhD
1985 James C. Fell, MS
1986 A.C. Hering, MD*
1987 Julian A. Waller, MD, MPH
1987 Norman E. McSwain, Jr., MD*
1988 Thomas A. Gennarelli, MD
1989 Peter R. Knight, MD
1990 John D. States, MD*
1991 Murray Mackay, PhD, DSc
1992 Ellen J. MacKenzie, PhD
1993 Paul J. Hletko, MD
1994 Dominique Cesari
1995 Don Reed
1996 Ian Civil, MBChB
1997 Carl Soderstrom, MD
1998 John Treat, JD
1999 Peter Lane, MD*
2000 Paul J. Hletko, MD
2001 Uwe Meissner, MS
2002 Susan P. Baker, MPH
2003 Mark W. Arndt
2004 Frances D. Bents
2005 Jeff R. Crandall, PhD
2006 Richard W. Kent, PhD
2007 Jeffrey S. Augenstein, MD, PhD*
2008 James V. Benedict, MD, PhD
2009 Richard J. Frampton, PhD
2010 Anne T. McCartt, PhD
2011 Christina P. Mullen
2012 Mark R. Sochor, MD, MS
2013 Maria Segui-Gomez, MD
2014 Kristy B. Arbogast, PhD
2015 Patrick Gillich, MS
2016 Joel Stitzel, PhD
2017 Brian N. Fildes, PhD
2018 Janet P. Price, RN, MSA, CAISS
2019 Matthew R. Maltese, PhD
2020 Jamie Dow, MBA, MD
2021 Kathy Cookman, BS, CSTR, CAISS, EMT-P, FMNP, and Waqar Malik, MBBS, MPH, CAISS
2022 Rawson Wood, MD, MPH
2023 Sjaan Koppel, PhD

Donald F. Huelke Lifetime Membership Award

The Huelke Award is to recognize, honor and acknowledge an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the AAAM organization, provided repeated volunteer services to the AAAM organization, and maintained membership for a total of 15 years. Additionally, the awardee must have met at least three of the following criteria: served on at least one AAAM committee, served as a member of the AAAM Board of Directors, organized AAAM seminars or symposia (or served as faculty), contributed to the AAAM endowment fund, or received another AAAM award.

2011 Mark Arndt, BS
2014 Anne McCartt, PhD
2015 Marilyn Bull, MD
2016 James Fell, MS
2017 Carl A. Soderstrom, MD
2018 Frank A. Pintar, PhD
2019 Richard J. Frampton, PhD
2020 Harry L. Smith, MD, PhD
2021 Uwe Meissner, MS
2022 Susan Baker, MPH
2023 Brian Fildes, PhD

Elaine Wodzin Young Achiever Award

Named for Elaine Wodzin, a long-serving executive director of AAAM, who had the innate ability to recognize the future of the organization through the efforts of young professionals. The award is given to a younger (<45 years) member of AAAM for a singular specific achievement in automotive medicine or other contributions to the field of traffic injury control. The achievement could be (but not limited to) the publication of a seminal research work, practical implementation of an injury control concept, or promotion of an element of public injury control policy.

2001 Jeff Crandall PhD
2002 Maria Segui-Gomez, MD
2003 Richard Kent, PhD
2004 Dennis R. Durbin, MD
2005 Kristy B. Arbogast, PhD
2006 Stefan M. Duma, PhD
2007 Michael Fitzharris, PhD
2008 Mary Pat McKay, MD, MPH
2009 James R. Funk, PhD
2010 Mark R. Sochor, MD
2011 Joel D. Stitzel, PhD
2012 John H. Bolte, PhD
2013 Matthew R. Maltese, PhD
2014 Jason Forman, PhD
2015 Andrew Kemper, PhD
2016 Sjaan Koppel, PhD
2017 Mark Zonfrillo, MD, MSCE
2018 F. Scott Gayzik, PhD
2019 Francisco J. Lopez-Valdes, PhD
2020 Ashley A Weaver, PhD
2021 Anuj Pradhan, MS, PhD
2022 Julie Mansfield, PhD
2023 Jason Hallman, PhD

Jan Price Excellence in AIS Teaching Award

Established in 2022, The Jan Price Excellence in AIS Teaching Award is named for Janet Price, who has been involved in AAAM for more than twenty years and has helped advance the AIS course and certification program worldwide. Past and present AIS faculty are eligible for this award. Recipients will be awarded $250.

2022 Janet P. Price, RN, BSN, MSA, CAISS
2023 Donna Nayduch, MSN, RN, ACNP, TCRN, CAISS