The Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM) has developed a contemporary map of ICD-9-CM to AIS 2005/2008 and ICD-10-CM to AIS 2005/2008. The mapping project was originally solicited by the Transport and Mobility, Road Safety Unit (TMRSU) of the European Commission (EC) to report serious injuries.

In order for the AIS and ISS to be used in large, population-based epidemiological studies, AAAM developed code translation maps to be used by computerized mapping systems for converting injury related International Classification of Diseases, ninth revision (ICD-9-CM) codes and tenth revision (ICD-10-CM) codes into AIS derived metrics to determine the significance of injury.

A mapping tool that translates ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM codes to the AIS standard is critical for clinical and research purposes, including epidemiologic analyses of large administrative injury databases. Previous maps are outdated (using earlier AIS or ICD standards) and incomplete, identifying the need for a contemporary tool which translates ICD-CM codes to the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) standard. Most importantly, the mapping tool was designed by those who are familiar with the nuances of both the ICD and AIS coding systems, and was validated by comparing it to the rules and best practices of conventional coding completed by trained and certified coders (AIS Certification Board – AISC.B).

The ICDMap is appealing for anyone who wants to adopt AIS-based risk adjustment for injury severity because it is inexpensive and allows exploiting the administrative data banks on hospital admissions that in many countries are comprehensive and easy to access.