One of the major outcomes of the AAAM project to examine and create maps to ICD was that the expert group of performers identified that the most resolution that can be provided for any ICD-to-AIS map was ICD code to AIS severity, ISS body region and AIS chapter.  This outcome resolution is sufficient to calculate the ubiquitous patient score of ISS and provides additional details for researchers who are interested in examining the body region distributions using the AIS classification system.  However, it does not result in a complete 7-digit AIS code.

In order to derive this map as well as the dichotomous map that enables users to identify significant injury by using the AIS severity classification system of AIS three or greater, the experts analyzed and examined a multitude of code-to-code correspondence graphs.  These constructed graphs resulted in complex networks that illuminated the taxonomy and coding rule incompatibilities between the dictionaries.  The level and number of these incompatibilities made a single best code selection algorithm impossible and/or inappropriate for a significant amount of codes.