Using AIS 2005 Update 2008

Click here for additional guidelines for correct coding using AIS 2005 Update 2008.

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Convert between different AIS versions

  • Select a value from either the AIS05 or <AIS98 column.
  • Click the “go” button to the right of the value you want to search on.
  • The other two columns will be populated with values corresponding to the one you selected.

Translating from one AIS version to another

Because of the changes in versions, a number of researchers and institutions have developed mapping algorithms to allow comparisons of trends over times (and across different versions). The table below contains information on all the maps that we have identified to date.

We are aware of the following maps:

AIS 2005 AIS 1990 update 1998 AIS 2005 coding manual
AIS 1990 update 1998 AIS 2005 AIS 2005 coding manual