Announcing New AIS Licensing Fees

We heard what you had to say and recognized the needs and challenges of the current user and trauma coding software. As a result, we have a new version that improves upon the previous version.

A license is necessary for individuals and organizations using the AIS for research purposes in their databases and we offer a range of options for OEM and Non-OEM.

The AIS 2015 is the property of and copyrighted by the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM).  To obtain additional information for an AIS License please fill out the form below and click Submit. The AAAM office will review the information with appropriate leadership and respond in 2 – 4 business days.

New Benefits of AIS15

  • Continues to refine the injury descriptions so they are capable of describing the threat to life as well
    as impairment and functional capacity.
  • Addresses feedback from users regarding coding issues in various sections of the dictionary
    including, but not limited to, diffuse axonal injury (DAI) and spinal injury classification.
  • Revises the necessary injury descriptors to be more specific, providing the level of detail
    engineers need to focus on injury prevention technologies and better understand injuries types
    to make system design changes.
  • Addresses compatibility issues with ICD versions.
  • Continues to enhance the dictionary for coding military combat injuries through updates to the
    type or level of injury.
  • Links to and provides comparability with other existing injury scoring systems (Organ Injury
    Scale, International Standards for Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury, the fracture
    classification system).
  • Develops better compatibility between more or less injury data.
  • Facilitates coder accuracy and intercoder reliability by providing extensive coding rules and
    instructions throughout the dictionary.

Commercial (OEM) License Fees for AIS, supporting trauma registry providers [OEM License Fees: software, trauma registry developers]

Registry Type Base Fee
National trauma registry $6,000 for 3 years (or $2,000 a year)
State trauma registry or aggregate registry system*

Single site licenses

$3,000 for 3 years (or $1,000 a year)
Multi-User License**

Multiple site licenses

$6,000 for 3 years (or $2,000 a year)
Annual License Fee $500/year

Non-Commercial (Non-OEM) License Fee* for AIS, supporting trauma registry products and other databases: trauma registries, research center, and academia [Non-OEM License Fees (NHTSA, ACS/COT, healthcare institutions)]

Registry Type Base Fee
Aggregate trauma system

Ex: Multiple sites with one or more users per site within or across state, province or equivalent

$3,000 for 3 years or $1000 a year per version of AIS
Single-User or single-site and one-time/individual per research project $500 for 3 years per version of AIS

AIS Licensing Form