Autonomous Vehicle & Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – Safety Perspectives from Industry Experts

Thursday, May 23, 2024 | 1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. CT

Join AAAM for an insightful 75-minute webinar “Autonomous Vehicle & Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – Safety Perspectives from Industry Experts.” Hosted by AAAM’s Autonomous Vehicle Special Interest Group, this event will feature distinguished safety experts from leading autonomous vehicle companies. Dive deep into the transformative world of autonomous transportation across various sectors such as ride-hailing, trucking, and goods delivery. Our panelists will discuss the latest developments, tackle current challenges, and explore the crucial research needs driving the future of these driverless technologies. Don’t miss this chance to gain a comprehensive understanding of the state of autonomous vehicle industries directly from the forefront of innovation.


Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) continue to advance and find real-world applications in autonomous ride-hailing, long-haul trucking, and delivery services. These driverless vehicles are becoming a familiar sight in some US cities, marking a significant shift towards mainstream adoption. As the technology progresses, it encounters both novel and existing challenges that necessitate focused research to address.

This webinar features safety experts from leading AV companies who will share their insights and identify key areas where AAAM members can contribute their expertise. Our speakers will outline the current state of AV technology across different sectors such as ride-hailing, trucking, and goods delivery, highlighting specific research needs pertinent to each area of driverless cars, trucks, and vehicles.

Join us for an engaging session that promises to deepen your understanding of AVs, clarify common misconceptions, and spotlight the research priorities that will shape the future of autonomous transportation and driverless vehicles.

This webinar has already occurred. A recording of it is available for free to AAAM Members and for purchase to AAAM non-members.


Meet the Moderator

Emily Gu, MS – Senior Biomechanical Engineer at Delta V Biomechanics.
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Meet the Speakers

Kristofer Kusano, PhD – Staff Safety Researcher at Waymo.
Chair of AAAM’s Autonomous Vehicle SIG.
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Shane McLaughlin, PhD – Senior Director of Safety Data Analysis at TORC Robotics, Inc.
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Offer Grembek, PhD – Manager of Safety Research at Zoox.
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Katie Stevens – Head of Policy at Nuro.
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