Join us at AAAM’s 67th Annual Conference for sessions and presentations on groundbreaking research in road safety science and engineering.

We’re proud to introduce our two keynote speakers, Dr. Mary Pat Mckay and Dr. Trent Victor, who will be presenting on Wednesday October 4th and Thursday October 5th, respectively.

Mary Pat McKay, MD, MPH

Dr. McKay is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician with more than 25 years of academic experience doing transportation safety and injury prevention research. She recently retired as the Chief Medical Officer for the National Transportation Safety Board in the US. Before joining the Board in 2012, she was named as Professor of Emergency Medicine and Public Health, Research Director for the Department of Emergency Medicine, and the Director of the Center for Injury Prevention and Control at George Washington University. She is the author of dozens of papers and book chapters and has been invited to present her work all over the world.


Trent Victor, PhD

Dr. Trent Victor is the Director of Safety Research and Best Practices at Waymo, where he oversees safety publications, represents safety issues within Waymo, and coordinates the development of best practices within Waymo and external industry standard-setting groups. Prior to Waymo, Trent was Senior Technical Leader at Volvo Cars Safety Centre, Adjunct Professor in Driver Behavior at Chalmers, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Iowa. Trent has published extensively in the field of Crash Avoidance and Autonomous Driving Safety Research (>100 papers, >5900 citations). He has been awarded top awards such as Automotive News’ 2021 Safety Innovation Executive of the Year, the US Government Award for Safety Engineering Excellence, the Jerome H. Ely Human Factors (journal) Article Award, and the Volvo Cars Technology & Innovation Award.

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