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For New Users to ScienceDirect

If you do not have an existing profile and are a new user to ScienceDirect, you can create a new user profile.

Create a new account by clicking the Activation Code Redemption link, or by clicking the Create New Account button below these instructions. Once you have navigated to the Activation Code Redemption page you will need to enter your first and last name all lowercase no spaces and click continue.
The next page will be the Activation Code Association page. Here you will need to click the red Register Now link where you will be directed to the Activate User Account page.
Once on the Activate User Account page you will then need to enter you profile information.
Once your profile has been created you will be directed to the ScienceDirect homepage. Click on “Sign In” in the top Right hand Corner.
If your new username and password have not been pre-populated in the sign in page enter them here. After entering your username and password click the sign in button at the bottom of the login page.
You will then be directed to the Accident Analysis and Prevention journal (AAP)

Please Note: Do NOT use special characters, such as ö, ä, æ when entering your personal details into the profile form.

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Please note, society access to this journal on ScienceDirect is available from articles published from 1 January 2008 onwards.

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Customers in North, Central, and South America should contact:

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Customers in Japan should contact:Telephone: +81 3-5561-5034
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