What inspired you to join AAAM?

I have been performing medicolegal consulting and 4D Demonstrative Evidence for MVAs for the last decade plus, but would look forward to networking and collaborating with new talent.

What are your main areas of interest in the field of Automotive Medicine?

Neuroradiology and General Diagnostic Radiology, 4D Demonstrative Evidence, Expert Witness Consultation, Deposition and Trial Testimony. MRI, CT, X-Ray, all radiology modalities, etc.

What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know?

…ok well, completely unrelated to automotive medicine, I won second place in the world at the 1995 International Juggling Competition in Las Vegas. Once upon a time when I was much younger and had more free time.

How do you think the field is changing and what trends do you see coming up on the horizon?

I see 4D demonstrative evidence as the future of medicolegal trial exhibits. It is a powerful tool and a best-kept secret that really shouldn’t be. Attorneys on both sides have called it “game-changer.” 4D shows the merit, and you can’t make a 4D exhibit without having the merit on your side. The typical exhibit A from the past is a cross-sectional 2D MRI or CT image with an arrow pointing to something, which is not tangible to the average jury member. Many doctors who are not radiologists do not understand cross-sectional imaging, so how is a jury member with basic education going to understand? However, in this day and age of video – YouTube, Facebook, Google etc. – 4D is a new trend that helps people better understand. It’s a radiology 101 session, clearly illustrates the case merit, adds a lot of credibility to the witness who uses it, and is visually interesting so it keeps the viewer engaged. 4D exhibits are basically exhibits made for trial, though ironically, they rarely make it to trial since they usually help the cases settle beforehand.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your colleagues?

I am happy to give a lecture (at no charge) to anyone interested in learning more about 4D demonstrative evidence for MVAs. Please feel free to contact me or book a time to chat.