Cindy is an epidemiologist, has been part of the AIS faculty since 2014, and is currently an At-Large member of the AIS Certification Board. She was a member of the University of Maryland Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN) project for close to twenty years as well as several other trauma-center based projects at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, MD.

She came to AIS through the CIREN project and enjoyed working with clinical colleagues. Cindy appreciates and promotes the value of AAAM, its organizational structure, and the breadth and depth of the AIS. In her current position, Cindy works on the local level to develop traffic safety plans and brings AIS awareness to law enforcement officers, engineers, and other planning partners. The ability to identify serious injuries in traffic safety is critical with AIS being the ideal metric, especially with its origins in automotive safety.

Cindy has been a valuable member of the faculty, having led both online and in-person courses for the AIS 05/08 and AIS 15 curricula. She has also worked with other faculty and AAAM members on various research projects. Cindy would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of each faculty member, but especially Vickie Graymire for bringing her on board and Waqar Malik for being a constant, steady, fun teaching partner. She is very grateful to have worked closely with Kathy Cookman, the Business Director/International Technical Coordinator AIS. She credits Kathy for her success and passion for teaching AIS:

“Kathy is an amazing leader in that she is strong, yet values input from all faculty. She is always a calm voice when things get complicated in the field or logistics become challenging. She truly is our fearless leader.”

Cindy regrets to reduce her role on the faculty due to her new position and scheduling challenges. She hopes to continue working closely with AAAM and faculty members because the wealth of knowledge and innovation is unparalleled. She treasures the friendships she has built through the association and will always be just an email away.