In celebration of Child Passenger Safety Week, Consumer Reports (CR) has taken a significant step by making their comprehensive car seat ratings—covering categories such as infant, convertible, all-in-one, harness-to-booster, and booster seats—accessible to the public without a subscription.

Why is this a game-changer? Accurate, reliable information is critical when it comes to ensuring the safety of our little ones during travel. By removing the paywall, CR is democratizing access to crucial safety data, thereby empowering more families to make informed decisions.

But that’s not all—CR is also introducing a new feature: the Infant Car Seat Finder. This tool aims to guide parents in selecting the ideal car seat tailored to their specific needs, further simplifying the often overwhelming process of choosing the right safety seat.

This move by Consumer Reports underlines the importance of freely accessible, quality information in advancing consumer safety—a value the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Safety staunchly supports.

AAAM applauds Consumer Reports for this forward-thinking initiative and encourages parents to take full advantage of these now freely available resources. Visit here to access CR’s new Infant Car Seat Finder and its comprehensive car seat ratings.

You can access AAAM’s public policy stance on Child Restraint Systems here.