Waqar is the new Lead Faculty for Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS©) North America and has been part of the AIS faculty since 2014. In this new and exciting role, he will provide AIS faculty coverage where needed for online as well as in-person courses, assist in the development of tools and courses for teaching AIS and provide support to the business director in various aspects of the organization and the AIS course.

His passion for teaching, interests in automotive advancement and participation in automotive research funded by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) led him to get involved with AAAM. Waqar shares, “AAAM is an interesting organization where the engineering and medical experts of society come together to study and remedy the issues affecting the public.” What he finds distinctive about AAAM is the “cross-platform cooperation that does not typically happen in most fields, so it gives a unique advantage to AAAM in providing service to a much broader audience than most other organizations.”

When speaking to the exactness of this field, Waqar reveals, “This is a very exciting and rewarding field of coding and teaching. Accuracy in data is the foundation of all the meaningful research.” In his new role, the opportunity to “teach people around the world brings you satisfaction knowing that you helped in making sure the policies are made based on sound research and that you helped with the education and training of these individuals.”

Waqar recognizes that the “automotive industry is due for a major overhaul.” As we see more advancements in technology, we’ll see some exciting new trends as a result. “The automation in automobiles will dramatically change the way we commute nowadays. Besides the automobiles getting smarter, the whole model of owning a car might change, especially in the greater metro areas. However, it might be noted that even with all these possible changes on the horizon, the injuries themselves may not change as much, highlighting the fact that the research in the prevention of injuries will still be needed in the coming decades.”

Waqar has had an exciting year, not only did he become Lead Faculty for AIS but he was selected as the Director for a local non-profit working with Milwaukee Clement J Zablocki VA. A little something about Waqar that you may not know is that “I love teaching as well as working on cars, which is why I love what I do for AAAM- helps me enjoy both of my passions. I also love exploring nature and spending time outdoors with my kids.”