While Carmine has known about AAAM and its dedication to road safety for some time, he just recently joined the organization. In fact, the reason he made the decision to join the organization is that he “shares AAAM’s dedication toward saving lives and eliminating injuries associated with vehicular accidents. As a young professional, I have had an opportunity to meet several skilled researchers through AAAM and this has been of great value to me.”

Carmine reflects, “The first time I came to know about AAAM was because of the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS). I genuinely appreciated the science-driven approach behind the derivation of the scale and I think that the quality of the publications by AAAM members speaks volumes about the integrity and commitment of the association.”

As a member of the Policy Committee, Carmine can attest to the dedication of AAAM’s members. “I wish people and society at large knew how AAAM promotes and helps the spreading of safety principles in the automotive industry through rigorous scientific research. We are lucky to live in a technologically advanced society where the complexity of products has reached levels that were unthinkable only a few years ago. Specialized groups of professionals, such as the ones associated with AAAM, are essential for promoting and advancing our knowledge in highly technical and advanced domains.“

The defining moment that Carmine can share with us as his greatest experience revolves around rovers. “Before becoming more involved in the automotive field, I directed my research interests at planetary exploration rovers. My work focused on mobility analysis of rovers used by NASA for Mars missions and my research supported NASA’s mobility team in planning rovers’ motion on the surface of the red planet. The idea that, as a species, we are capable of sending and operating machines on the surface of planets millions of miles away is mind-boggling!”