Greetings from AAAM’s AIS Training Program!

We are excited to share our upcoming 2019 initiatives with you.

• The AIS Team is working on implementing a new Learning Management System in 2019
• AIS North American Faculty will be meeting in mid-May
• Faculty Mentoring will begin in February 2019
• The AIS Content Subcommittee is beginning to work on the next version of AIS

Also, the AIS team spotlighted the CAISS credential at the recent TQIP conference in Anaheim California. A poster with every current CAISS credential holder (286 worldwide) was available for those that were in attendance to find their name, highlight it with a star and even take a selfie! AIS Faculty and Chair of the AIS Certification Board showed off the list at the AAAM AIS booth.

Please be sure to visit the Course Schedule & Registration page on the AAAM website to locate and register for available 2019 AIS courses.

Interested in hosting an AIS08 or AIS15 course at your facility? Please feel free to reach out to the AAAM office to discuss arrangements.

We are now booking courses for 2019 now and would love to work with you!